Lecture - Pseudo-ductility in composites: successful approaches and recent developments

Hello all! I would like to invite you to my lecture on pseudo-ductility of composites.

Composite materials are strongly limited in practical application by safety issuesdue to their brittle failuremode.  Enhancing their mechanical behaviour, we can exploit better the composites potential and make high-performance engineering structures lightweight and more efficient. Pseudo-ductility has been shown to be a successful approach to makingcomposite materials safer and more reliable.In this lecture, I introduce the concept of pseudo-ductility and make the point about the progress made so far. It has been demonstrated that pseudo-ductility can be achieved in composites inseveral ways. I will discuss them together with the most recent developments on this topic. Watch the video to see the lecture presented at the HyFiSyn School. 

Author: Salvatore Giacomo Marino