Tahreem Naveed

Project description

While conventional fibre reinforced polymer composites are widely used in automotive industry because of their light weight, high strength and stiffness, they lack the ability to absorb energy prior to failure. Hence, leading to catastrophic failure of structures without any prior warning. This prohibits the use of conventional CFRP composites in critical structural applications which may be subjected to earthquake, collision or blast. Hence, researchers are now working to improve the energy absorption ability of CFRP composites without compromising their strength and stiffness.

Hybrid fibre composites were developed by combining the low elongation and high elongation fibres in a polymer matrix. The research carried out on hybrid fibre composites showed that this combination enhances the structural performance as well as the energy absorption ability of fibre composites

The aim of my project is to integrate the hybrid composites in the industrialised composite automotive process chain. This aim will be achieved in three main steps. The first step will require to understand and predict the link between material, microstructure and mechanical properties of hybrid composites. In the second step a design process will be established to reduce cost and increase weight savings using hybrid composites. Finally, the last step will involve a demonstration that these hybrid composites can be used in the existing process chain (including paint shop).


PhD researcher at BMW Germany (2019 – Present)

MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London (2017 – 2018)

Research interests

Experimental testing of composites, numerical simulation of damage and failure in composites and recycling of composites.

Personal note

Outside of work and studies I like exploring new places and meeting with people belonging to different cultures. Going on road trips with my friends and family help me to disconnect for sometime from work related stress and gives me an opportunity to relax my mind and body.

I feel strongly about the in-availability of good education to women in rural areas of under-developed countries. Hence, it is one of my future goals and dream to build an educational institute in the rural areas of Pakistan where women can get basic education and can become aware of their rights.