HyFiSyn aims to train 13 early stage researchers to become interdisciplinary, multi-talented experts. The 8 universities, 5 industrial partners and 2 professional training organisations offer the researchers a unique opportunity to be trained by world-leading experts in cutting-edge technologies, where they are supported by a strong network and industry participation. The training programme strongly emphasises entrepreneurship and innovation skills to maximise the impact of the project, thereby increasing the EU’s innovation capacity.

If you are interested to obtain a PhD within this project, then please fill out the application form and make sure to include CV, motivational letter and transcripts. For the files to be uploaded, please stick to PDF or Word documents or ZIP-archives thereof. If you have any problem uploading large files, then please send them in a separate email to the project coordinator (

Don't forget that you can apply for several positions at the same time by using the tickboxes. If you want to do this, it's best to apply for those positions simultaneously. If you want to use a different cover letter for each position, then please include all of them in a single application.