Lecture - Multi-scale digital image/volume correlation in fiber-reinforced composites

Here is my lecture on Multi-scale digital image/volume correlation in fiber-reinforced composites

We do not know much about deformation and damage in composites without looking at their microstructural changes during deformation. This needs some tools to acquire in-situ images of the material. The imaging tool can be 2D, providing images of the surface of the deforming object. On the other hand, 3D imaging tools, especially X-ray computed tomography, allow for imaging of the whole bulk. Recently, in-situ 3D imaging techniques have been more and more exploited. However, acquiring in-situ images is not all what we need for characterization of microstructural changes, as the small deformation/damage phenomena cannot be identified with naked eye. For this purpose, image processing methods, such as Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) have been developed. They can identify the displacement and strain in in-situ images of a deforming material.
In this video, recorded at HyFiSyn School (Sep 2021), Dr. Mahoor Mehdikhani from KU Leuven, Belgium, talks about methods for application of DIC/DVC in composite materials. After an introduction to the field, he presents a few case studies on different materials, different length scales, and different study interests. This covers microscale strain mapping of (nano-engineered) fiber-reinforced composites, crack detection in composites with voids, 3D damage characterization in synchrotron tomograms of composites laminates, and measurement of fiber local orientation in unidirectional composites. Watch the talk on this very interesting topic, and do not hesitate to contact him if you have any questions.

Author: Dr. Mahoor Mehdikhani