Babak Fazlali

Project description

The aim of my PhD project is to develop a fibre break model and optimise the performance of fibre-hybrid composites under fatigue loading conditions. Damage initiation and propagation of fibre-hybrid composites will study using synchrotron computed tomography to detailed understanding of complex failure mechanisms. The key challenges of my project are developed and characterized a fatigue model for fibre-hybrid composites, detect and distinguish source of synergetic effects and control them, explore damage initiation and follow failure processes using synchrotron computed tomography and develop a strategy for optimizing the microstructure of fibre-hybrid composites for fatigue loading conditions.


PhD researcher at KU Leuven (2019-present)

M.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research interests

Fatigue life assessment; Damage initiation and propagation; Macro-mechanical and micro- mechanical constitutive modeling; Multiscale modeling, Numerical analysis; Laminated composites

Personal note

I love hiking and explore the surrounding world. I really enjoy travelling especially to remote and secluded places. I’m also like to watch movies and series.