Camilo Rojas

Project description

The objective of my PhD project is to develop a fiber break model that accurately predicts the stress-strain behavior of aligned, discontinuous fiber-reinforced composites. The project require extensive experimental validation for the damage development of discontinuous aligned composites, that will be carried out with the help of synchrotron computed tomography to understand in-situ development of fiber breaks

The project is planned with secondments to get me in touch with state-of-the-art carbon fiber recycling and aligned discontinuous fiber composites manufacturing.


PhD researcher at KU Leuven (2018-present).

M.Sc. Mechanics of materials and structures, University of Girona, Girona, Spain (2016-2018)

M.Eng. Materials and Processes, National University of Colombia, Medellin, Colombia (2016-2018)

Research interests

Numerical modelling of damage and failure in composites, Composites testing, Hybrid composites, fracture mechanics.

Personal note

Besides my passion for research activities, I am a passionate sports person especially water sports (from Water Polo to Under Water Hockey), I am also an avid tinker and scale modelist.