Paul Woody

Project description

This project proposes the development of new hybrid textiles that will lead to composites with a unique combination of stiffness and toughness. The project will focus on the development of hybrid self-reinforced thermoplastic composites with a step-increase in stiffness, whilst also retaining high impact performance. A variety of different weave architectures and fibre types will be tested, with the overall goal to utilise the optimised hybrid architecture in at least one commercial application. The key challenge will be finding an efficient method for assessing and optimising the many composite variables (fibre types; weave architecture; layer thickness; volume fractions) that can result in the desired balance between density, stiffness and toughness.


PhD researcher, KU Leuven

MSc - Advanced Composite Materials, Imperial College London

Research interests

Hybrid 3D woven composites, self-reinforced thermoplastics, damage and failure analysis of composites, mechanical testing

Personal note

Outside of work I enjoy travelling and exploring new cities whenever I can, especially when this can be combined with going to gigs or music festivals. I also enjoy getting out of town and heading to the mountains for hiking or biking.