Salvatore Giacomo Marino

Project description

Pseudo-ductile hybrid composites can replace metals in industry applications. In these composites, two different types of fibres are mixed, enhancing the properties of both. Moreover, these composites can be ductile similarly to metals, which makes them safer as brittle failure without warning can be avoided.

The main goal of my PhD project is to improve the performance of pseudo-ductile hybrid composite materials, explore the multifunctionality of hybrid composites, such as their potential for self-healing and self-sensing.


PhD Researcher at Budapest University of Technology and Economics

M.Sc. and B.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, University of Pisa, (2011-2018)

Research interests

Pseudo-Ductility, Hybrid Composites, Self-Healing, Self-Sensing, Structural Health Monitoring

Personal note

I spend my free time reading books and magazines, particularly about politics and history. My favourite activity is playing the guitar and the saxophone. I was a member of the musical band of my hometown for ten years and I studied solfeggio for three years. I love travelling and visiting new cities whenever I have the possibility.