Sina AhmadvashAghbash

Project description

The key challenge of my PhD project is to maximally exploit the design freedom of 3D printing to optimize the microstructure and hence mechanical performance of fibre-hybrid composites. This project will be roughly 70/30 modelling/experimental research in which advanced experimental characterisation of the 3D printed composites will be performed and I will develop and fully validate a model for the translaminar fracture toughness of fibre-hybrid composites. There are also two secondments during this project:

• DTU (Denmark) - to develop ideas for improving fatigue and compression performance of fibre-hybrid composites

• Sioen (Belgium) - to gain an industrial perspective on manufacturing of composites


PhD Researcher at KU Leuven (2018-Present)

M.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Boğaziçi University, Turkey (2015-2018)

Research interests

Hybrid Composites, Progressive Failure Analysis, Multi-Scale Modeling, 3D Printed Composites

Personal note

Besides research I am particularly interested in studying new languages and fortunately being in an international environment is considered a plus in improving linguistics skills.

I am also interested in discovering new bands and playing musical instruments. So attending music festivals and meeting different people with different cultural backgrounds sharing a common interest were always been among the favorite activities to boost my energy. Watching movies, TV series and my favorite YouTubers are some other mind-refreshers in my spare time.