Lecture - Structural composite energy storage

Are you interested in innovative multifunctional materials? Then have a look at my lecture about structural composite energy storage.

Carbon fibres are mostly used in structures to get full advantage of their high strength and stiffness. In this lecture I will show that we can also use their electronic conductivity to build multifunctional structural composite energy storage. These multifunctional materials can both carry load and store electrochemical energy. After an introduction of the topic, I will present an overview of the research done in the past years towards structural composite batteries and supercapacitors. I will explain the engineering and fabrication of each component and discuss the impact of various kind of process on the final properties of the multifunctional material. I will then introduce two examples of working systems and give an outlook of what could be the next generation of structural composite energy storage.

If you have any question, feel free to contact me at olivier.hubert@univie.ac.at .

Olivier HUBERT