Gokul Murali

Project description

Shape-memory structures have a wide scope of potential application ranging from deployment of satellites to drag reduction in aircraft. There are several studies taking place worldwide that are investigating the capability of shape memory composites for such applications. Traditionally, shape memory composites are made of at least one specialised shape memory material thus increasing their complexity and decreasing their feasibility. This project will focus on the development of shape memory composites without any shape memory constituents in an attempt to make a commercially viable product.

The aim of this project is to develop and optimise ‘intrinsically heated’ shape memory composites for satellite applications. This project will build upon the earlier works of Prof Paul Robinson (Imperial College London), who will be supervising it. The scope of this project includes the development of the composite, optimisation of structure, and modelling of this phenomenon.


PhD Researcher at Imperial College London (2019-Present)

M.Sc., Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, (2016-2018)

Research interests

High-performance composites, materials characterization techniques, NDT, functional materials, and adhesives technology.

Personal note

Outside of my academic life, I love travelling, personal fitness, watching movies, and reading fantasy fiction books. I also love cooking, and would always be up for a coffee and meeting new people.