Free webinar on Efficient Academic Writing

Writing is an extremely important part of your responsibilities in academia, but is often a dreaded task for many people. There are plenty of resources providing tips and tricks on how to write good papers, reports and theses, but very little on how do this efficiently. This webinar will explain how you can:

  • Write academic texts more efficiently
  • Overcome procrastination in writing
  • Enjoy writing academic texts

Do you want to know the secrets to prolific academic writing? Then you should join the webinar on Tuesday 23 June at 11h00 Brussels time, using the following link:

Or if you prefer using the Web app, you can use this link:

The webinar will take approximately 40 minutes, with plenty of time for questions afterwards. 

This webinar is provided for free and will be hosted by Prof. Yentl Swolfs, courtesy of the HyFiSyn European Training Network. If you want to know more, then check out