HyFiSyn kickoff meeting

After extensive preparations and a busy recruitment period, it was finally time to bring the consortium together for the official HyFiSyn kickoff week. Our meeting and training unit were organised on the beautiful Heverlee Campus in Leuven, Belgium.

On Monday, the ESRs had their first workshop on the topic of time and priority management. This was followed by a company visit to SABCA Limburg, a company producing parts for the airplane industry. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the supervisors joined the ESRs for the first official consortium meeting. The supervisors and ESRs introduced themselves to each other, and we had our first technical discussions on the different work packages. We also took photographs for our website, as well as a group picture (see below).

On Thursday, the ESRs continued with a training on research ethics and integrity, which is a very important topic for all young researches. This allowed our researchers to raise concerns and discuss this with each other as well as with an ethics expert. This was followed by a training on digital image correlation workshop. The training unit was closed on Friday with a training on career planning.

We are all eager to get started with the scheduled research and training in the project, and look forward to bring everyone together again at the next consortium meeting. That meeting will be hosted by BME in Budapest, Hungary.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our external advisors Clemens Dransfeld and Albert Turon for attending this meeting and for providing their input to our project.