Olivier Hubert

Project description

Structural composite batteries can be used in applications such as car chassis, where they act as both energy source and storage and structural component. The aim of this PhD is first to manufacture structural lithium ion batteries via continuous intermingling of carbon fibres electrodes. To gain a better understanding of the spreading process of the carbon fibres, a secondment of three months is planned at NTPT (Switzerland). The next step is to establish a proof-of-concept that intermingled carbon fibres electrodes are a viable route to producing large scale structural composite batteries and to improve the performance of the proof-of-concept structural composite batteries. Another secondment of four months is planned at KU Leuven (Belgium) to mechanically and structurally characterize structural batteries.


PhD candidate at University of Vienna (2018 – present)
M.Eng. in Bio-engineering and Nanotechnologies, École Centrale de Lyon (France)
M.Sc in Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies, Université de Lyon (France) 

Research interests

Lithium-ion batteries, composite materials, nanoscale fabrication, analytical chemistry, multifunctional materials

Personal note

If a hobby is just something you enjoy doing, then for me it would be sharing good moments with friends around a beer or a coffee. During week-ends and holidays I enjoy travelling. For this living in Vienna is perfect as it is in the centre of Europe. My favourite destination is China, I travelled there several times and still feel like there is so much more to discover.